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  • Amazed at the current state of Windows Phone 7 – piss poor but with potential.

    Ran across an offer for a Windows Phone the other day. $0 on a contract extension. Since I have multiple cell lines one of which was recently extended, to me it amounted to a virtually free phone. After an hour of quick research I had decided. Right now: No Windows Phone currently has a front […]

  • Microsoft is taking aim at the Enterprise PBX

    Microsoft Lync Launch – The Next Generation of Unified Communications Recently Microsoft launched their latest unified messaging system – the successor of Office Communicator 2007, it features full telephony via SIP and instant messaging via Jabber/XMPP, making it capable of communicating/federating with a large number of existing open systems. The really dishy part? It comes […]

  • Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server – A 3 Part Series – 3 of 3 – Kerio Mailserver

    Kerio MailServer 6.5 – The Exchange Killer Kerio MailServer, like Zimbra, has until only recently been an ‘almost but not quite’ Exchange alternative. It has offered Outlook support and integration with Active Directory since 2002, but did not initially support groupware features such as calendaring and shared contacts properly until years later. It wasn’t until 2007 that Kerio began to coalesce into an alternative to Exchange — and with the release of Kerio MailServer 6.5, its transformation into an Exchange killer is complete.

  • Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server – A 3 Part Series – 2 of 3 – Zimbra Collaboration Suite

    For a long time, Zimbra has been an ‘almost but not quite’ Exchange alternative – it offered the web GUI and the Outlook compatibility, but not the standards based calendar protocol (CalDAV) or the mobile device support of its big brother. Zimbra’s latest version, which has only been in the wild for a few months, is different.

  • Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server – A 3 Part Series – 1 of 3

    Part 1 of 3: Workgroup/Corporate Collaboration – The Phantom Menace For years, workgroups and corporate environments have needed a solution that combined a mailsystem with collaborative tools, like a calendar and shared contacts. For years, this solution was only provided by Microsoft in the form of Microsoft Exchange. For years, Microsoft Exchange was bar-none the […]

  • The shame of Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit

    Many credit Microsoft’s Mac support for saving the platform in the late 90’s. This is very true, but while they did this it’s important to keep hold of the more objective view of their Mac support. It’s whitewash. Microsoft’s motivation to support Apple in its hour of need was clear. Antitrust proceedings forced Microsoft into […]

  • Solving a QuickTime for Windows “annoyance”

    One long-standing issue people have with QuickTime for Windows is its apparent insistence on becoming the default handler for video and images in IE and throughout the Windows environment, despite the setting of file associations to the contrary. Even if you set everything up to open in Windows Media, for some reason QuickTime is still […]