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  • Richard Clarke on – Who was behind Stuxnet?

    The article, on Stuxnet and its escape into the wild: But you now have it, and if you’re a computer whiz you can take it apart and you can say, ‘Oh, let’s change this over here, let’s change that over there.’ Now I’ve got a really sophisticated weapon. So thousands of people around the world […]

  • ‘Total Recall’ Debuts Teaser for the Teaser Trailer (Video) – Hollywood Reporter

    I don’t think this is going to do well among fans of the original, but then again there’s no accounting for bad taste. The trailer left me with the strong impression Quaid doesn’t even get his ass to Mars. And, Colin Farrel? Jessica Biel? I remember when attractive people used to be cast for movies… […]

  • BBC News – Fabrice Muamba: Racist Twitter user jailed for 56 days

    I don’t support racism but I wholeheartedly support everyone’s right to make offensive comments. It is tyranny to imprison anyone over a remark, no matter how offensive it may be. From the article: “A second year biology student at Swansea, Stacey was arrested after his comments on the social networking site were reported by other […]

  • Facebook: Legal action against employers asking for your password | ZDNet

    In a rare show of respect for its users, Facebook is directing prospective employers to consider the legality of soliciting a user’s network password or face possible legal action by the social networking giant itself. This is a most welcome position for them to take, as inspection and demands by interviewers to see the contents […]

  • The cloud juggernaut marches on.

    Back in my day, things ran on only one server and they had five nines guaranteed. And that’s how we liked it. Now get off my lawn!

  • Google Wants to Serve Ads Based On Your Phone’s Background Noise

    Continuous heuristic analysis of phone calls means the entire call, not just the background noise, will be run through remote computers. Given the desire of various agencies to scour all communications in real time for key words and elements, how can this be good for anyone?

  • GNOME 3: Why It Failed : Fedora 16 And GNOME Shell: Tested And Reviewed

    A good overview of what seems to be a new trend in Linux desktop development – “we know better, you’ll get used to it.” I’ve tried to like GNOME 3 but I’ve ultimately reverted to using WindowMaker (which, fortunately, has resumed development) and some supporting apps. Too many aspects of the desktop metaphor were thrown […]

  • Menu Discoverability In Ubuntu 11.10 | jonobacon@home

    Reasoning like the below is why Ubuntu is ultimately doomed. “Sometimes we must make sacrifices in order to keep our product looking good, and we really don’t care that you, the user, object to the notion of sacrificing usefulness for looks.” This is the gist of what’s explained below to the dissatisfied majority who are […]

  • Apple – Job Creation

    Forget that the vast majority of app developers make pennies for their sweat and almost never make an equitable amount of money in the brave new Apple world of job creation. Sounds a lot like they want to pay Americans beans the same as they do for the Chinese slaves they have thugs hire to […]

  • Does Windows 8 diss the PC? | Mobile World Congress – CNET

    The personal computer is still the only tool that can be used to truly create, and is the only computing environment in which the user’s imagination is the only limitation in play. Newcomer devices such as tablets and those smartphones which emulate the iPhone (almost all of them at this point) are designed not for […]