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  • Sergey Brin, Google Co-Founder, Says Internet Freedom Facing Greatest Threat Ever

    Whenever the head of a major corporation cries about Internet freedom you can rest assured their words are laced with cynicism. We saw this same behavior in Apple CEO Steve Jobs when he pontificated on the open web in an effort to elimitate flash, while pushing everyone to use their QuickTime browser plugin. Google is […]

  • How to Stop Surveillance, Tracking, Hacking – Fight Back Against Trolls, Cyberstalkers, Hackers – Popular Mechanics

    “In the future, [we’ll be able to] get better data about how many people are in a room when a [football] game is being played,” he said. “How are those people engaged with the game? Are they wearing Seahawks jerseys or are they wearing Giants jerseys?”

  • Secret Computer Code Threatens Science: Scientific American

    Modern science relies upon researchers sharing their work so that their peers can check and verify success or failure. But most scientists still don’t share one crucial piece of information — the source codes of the computer programs driving much of today’s scientific progress. Access to source code is the only way to verify trustworthiness […]

  • After denouncing SOPA and PIPA, how can Facebook support CISPA? | ZDNet

    In short, Facebook is happy the bill will protect it from being sued by a user for handing over their information to authorities. We want to thank you again for your legislation addressing demonstrated cyber security needs, and look forward to continuing to work with you and your colleagues on this important issue. Facebook is […]

  • US slams Australia’s on-shore cloud fixation | Delimiter

    A number of US companies had expressed concerns that various departments in the Australian Government, namely, the Department of Defence, The National Archives of Australia, the Department of Finance and Deregulation, the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) and the State of Victoria’s Privacy Commissioner had been sending negative messages about cloud providers based outside […]

  • Code can’t be stolen under federal law, court rules | Security & Privacy – CNET News

    “Because Aleynikov did not ‘assume physical control’ over anything when he took the source code, and because he did not thereby ‘deprive [Goldman] of its use,’ Aleynikov did not violate the NSPA,” Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs wrote in the three-judge panel’s unanimous decision (see below). “We decline to stretch or update statutory words of plain […]

  • Tell Obama And Dodd: No Backroom Dealing, No New SOPA | Demand Progress

    Hollywood and Obama should’ve learned:  No form of censorship will be acceptable to Internet users, and we’re fed up with corrupt, back-room deals that are driven by the rich and well-connected.  Any major Internet policy changes should be negotiated in the light of day, so the millions of people who’d be affected can have their […]

  • Apple has an obligation to help solve America’s problems –

    As a business, Apple has a right to fear that moving the assembly work from China to the United States will entail raising labor costs so high as to make the company less competitive and profitable. But for it to say that it has no obligation to help solve America’s problems is completely unacceptable. Good […]

  • Lamar Smith: SOPA protesters were “misinformed.” | GigaOM

    So, be warned. Smith isn’t done yet protecting the content industry from the business disruptions caused by the digitization of content and the Internet. And clearly when people protested, instead of hearing the voice of concerned citizens worried about the fragmentation of the Internet, he heard a bunch of people who didn’t know what they […]

  • GNOME 3.4 Released – Usability Issues Galore

    Today the GNOME project has released version 3.4 of its longstanding desktop environment. Available at, the release notes for GNOME 3.4 paint a picture of polish and improvement across the board. I initially was quite impressed with GNOME 3.0, and the 3.2 version which followed provided even more evidence of polish, though there were […]