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  • Capitalists Who Fear Change | Laissez-Faire Bookstore

    Digital technology is reinventing our whole world, in service of you and me. It’s free enterprise on steroids. It’s bypassing the gatekeepers and empowering each of us to invent our own civilization for ourselves, according to our own specifications. This quote alone inspires me – that’s how I feel about computers and their limitless capabilities, […]

  • Analyzing the MacBook Pro with Retina display | ExtremeTech

    The new “Retina MacBook Pro” is an attractive machine,  but it does come with a big caveat. A lot of users wisely order the base configuration of a notebook from the manufacturer, and subsequently upgrade its memory and storage capacity using aftermarket parts. This is done to avoid the massive price markup the OEM places […]

  • iPad App That Helps a Little Girl Speak Pulled from the App Store | Techland

    While we’re basking in the afterglow of Apple’s WWDC keynote and their demonstration of truly transcendent integration between its devices via its various cloud services, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on why the cloud is a bad idea. From the article: I can’t speak to the merits of the lawsuit; the […]

  • Starbucks Order Gives Ohio Mug Maker A Jolt : NPR

    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says the contract with American Mug and Stein is only the beginning. “There are hundreds of East Liverpools around the country today,” he says. “These towns have been left for dead. And even though it’s more expensive to manufacture this mug in the U.S. than it would be in China or […]

  • A View of the Sunset from the Dawn

    If the computer were to end up and remain in the hands of a small elite, e.g. of a dictator, [the computer’s] power will make the common man powerless and utterly submissive. And this tyranny will be introduced under the guise of the advancement of human well-being. — Prof. Dr. ir. H. van Riesen, 1956

  • Red Hat | UEFI Secure Boot – Trusted Computing Fears Realised

    Red Hat yesterday defended its decision to collaborate with Microsoft in forcing Linux users to pay a $99 fee to install custom kernels as the “best thing for its users”. In truth this is a delusional position to take – the best thing for users is to pressure the software/hardware industry to avoid obvious situations […]

  • Jimmy Soni: National Security As Culture War: Why Civil Libertarians Lose the Argument

    It’s tempting to say that Caesar could only have won if he had argued like Cato. It’s certain, though, that Cato’s words became the prototypical case for security opposed to liberty. What Caesar missed, and what Cato grasped, was just how central emotional appeals and logical non sequiturs are to security politics: national security as […]

  • How to demolish a once great company:

    In his tenure as Apple CEO, Tim Cook has taken a company built by Steve Jobs, and transformed it into something a bit more corporate, according to a new report. Although Cook himself wouldn’t sit down with Fortune, the publication today published a a feature citing several sources with knowledge of how the Apple chief […]

  • Learn to Hack pulled from Barnes and Noble | TuxRadar

    In another blatant demonstration of why curated electronic bookstores are no friend to literacy and freedom of expression and thought, Barnes & Noble pulled issue #154 of Linux Format magazine as they believed it contained an article instructing people how to engage in illegal activities. The problem is that it didn’t. A complaint was made […]

  • Wayland under Linux – Are Window Managers Obsolete?

    No. A snippet of chat log posted by Darxus (link below) shows how current minimalist X Window Managers can be ported to become Wayland display servers without the bottom-up effort of having to handle input and other events from scratch. Another common statement is that “compositing is bloat”, but this is just the sort of […]