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  • Rob Ford: Too stubborn to be mayor | The Globe and Mail

    “If Mr. Ford had shown some contrition before the the judge – some minimal respect for due process and the law – he might well have gotten off. But he did not. The judge, by all accounts a man of probity, was scathing and blunt. He condemned the mayor’s “stubborn sense of entitlement,” and he […]

  • Inside Windows 8: Arun Kishan – Windows App Model | Channel 9

    Interesting insight into the multitasking model for Windows RT apps. The implication is that desktop apps follow the old model – this is borne out by my experience – after prolonged periods of time in a metro app, upon return to the desktop, nothing has to resume or reconnect. The more I watch these videos, […]

  • iPhone: The Revenge (An Android switcher’s tale of woe)

    This is a follow-up of sorts to the original post, iPhone. Since having bought an original iPhone, shipped from Manhattan in 2007, a lot has changed. As time rolled on, updates to the iPhone OS, now dubbed ‘iOS’ enabled many of the features I had hoped for in the original post – over the air […]

  • No, Intel Clover Trail Will Not Support Linux.

    Despite Intel’s claims to the contrary, Linux support in their new Clover Trail atom chipset will not come into play where it matters. You will not see a Windows 8 tablet onto which you can install Linux. Graphics and power management drivers will not be provided and are not part of Intel’s open source portfolio. […]

  • Apple’s Magic Is In The Turn, Not The Prestige | TechCrunch

    “To some, this repetition is now boring. But I think Apple looks at it the opposite way: they’re perfecting their trick.” Refining and perfecting have always been some of Apple’s best methods. Consumers often expect a revolution with every new computing device – Apple takes the appliance approach. This is a device you’ll want to […]

  • Apple’s September iPhone Event Brings Nothing New of Note

    The new iPhone is an incremental improvement over the previous generation. Highlights: A thinner phone with a software update. A 4″ screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, as previously featured by the Sony XPeria line of smartphones Panorama mode within the camera, as previously featured by Samsung and other Android vendors Facebook integration, so they can […]

  • RTM builds of Windows 8 reveal Microsoft blocked any bypassing of the Metro desktop

    Windows 8’s new start screen would likely not affect my workflow a great deal, as I typically run applications by banging the Windows key and typing the name of the program I want to start (this works for me under GNOME 3 and Windows 7 alike). Microsoft’s policy of restriction is what is absurd. They […]

  • BlackBerry maker Research in Motion agrees to hand over its encryption keys to India

    In an effort to avoid demise, RIM is now complying with the Indian government’s spying demands with added vigor. While it previously argued that its Blackberry services were not designed to permit even lawful interception, they have now proven that this is not the case, and that the implementation is simple. On top of this, […]

  • Microsoft touts and makes the same mistakes as always.

    Microsoft is making the same old mistake. A competing product with proprietary features that will work for some people, but not everyone – the philosophy here will be to make your go-to place for communication. Will you be able to video chat with a GMail user? No. Why? Because it’s technically impossible? No, because […]

  • Who am I?

    Quick note to those experiencing gadget lust after Apple WWDC and Google I/O: In the UNIX world, root is the most common term for the user in total control of a system. Root is the owner of /, the root of the filesystem, the namespace within which UNIX operates. Apple’s and Google’s devices are based […]