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    I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to easily set up Evolution 2.8 with an Exchange 2003 account with its associated version of Evolution Connector. This marks the first time in seven months that a current version of Evolution has succeeded in working with Microsoft Exchange. If you’re a user of Evolution and you […]

  • What is happening to Gentoo Linux?

    Three, perhaps four years ago I began looking to replace FreeBSD with Gentoo Linux. The reason was simple. FreeBSD had become mired in politics, members of the core team were leaving, and their next major release was behind Linux 2.6 in functionality and performance. What was once an icon of stable and elegant operating system […]

  • Quick note to all you Gentoo folks..

    If you’re using phpSysInfo and finding it telling you to build PHP with the ‘xml’ module, add ‘expat’ to your USE flags. Fixes it right up.

  • Givin’ up was never in the master plan!

    Around the early to mid-nineties I had heard a song on the radio, and like many, it got stuck in my head. I began listening to specific stations because I knew they would play it at least once a day. Then, as quickly as it appeared on the air, it went away never to be […]

  • Tom Yager is a jackass.

    Reading OSnews is an amusing pastime for me. It’s replete with comedic gems like this one: Why Apple snubs its open source geeks For over a month the claim has been made that MacOS X is now a proprietary operating system when it was once an open-source panacea, and many in the open source world […]

  • The Da Vinci Blog

    Having just seen the movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’, I must say I’m a bit surprised. I’m surprised because I found the book to be childishly written and the screenplay worked out better, which never happens. Also, while the story has clearly been sensationalized to the point of a number of people believing it to […]

  • Digital rights and you: a video presentation.

    I ran across this keynote speech on Chris Blizzard’s blog, and I think it deserves passing around. This is a keynote speech by Corey Doctorow, who used to be with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This organisation basically fights for the preservation of the end-user’s rights in a world where the law is still being firmly […]

  • The Linux propaganda/FUD machine

    Lately I’ve taken note of a dark trend in the Linux world, and looking back it’s one that has been present throughout the history of Linux advocacy. Linux users commonly mention that large corporations spread propaganda about the superiority of their products and FUD about competing products in order to get ahead. This sort of […]

  • WordPress

    Switching to WordPress from iWeb (although I still love iWeb, wordpress has a few nice features I miss). Hopefully a smooth transition!

  • Why it would be easy for Apple to develop the mythic Red Box.

    While reading my regular list of news sites this morning I ran across an article detailing the improbability of Apple releasing a Red Box. To those who are unfamiliar, this is a long-rumored compatibility environment in which Windows applications would run alongside Mac programs, much as Blue Box ran Classic Mac applications within the new […]