Author: brad

  • A Linux switcher’s upcoming tale of tragedy

    Just read an article commenting on the professor who switched one of his labs to Ubuntu Linux; this is something to keep your eye on, as I’m positive within a year if you check back we’ll find the lab has been switched back to proprietary software. Many times people invoke the principles of free software […]

  • Running Windows on a Mac the right way

    I came across this forum thread in my daily browsing; it details an effort under way to enable virtualization in the open source Qemu emulator using MacOS X as the host operating system. What does this mean? Instead of having to dual boot, this will allow Windows and other Intel based operating systems to run […]

  • Afghan on trial for being Christian

    This BBC article should make everyone think for a bit about religious tolerance and what it really means. Human beings have lived on this planet for 10,000 years, and one would expect that we’d have gotten past such primitive behaviours by now. “We will invite him again because the religion of Islam is one of […]

  • Advocacy gone wrong

    I read an article yesterday advocating desktop Linux, and immediately had issues with the credibility of it. The fact that it bears the word ‘pwns’ in its title is the first sign of trouble, but I decided I’d try and see if the author had valid points to make. A few problems. The article begins […]

  • Windows now bootable on Intel Macs

    In the past couple of days the news that Microsoft Windows XP has been made installable on Macintosh computers has been generating a great deal of excitement. In the comments section of every article I’ve read I see at least half the readership asking why this is such a great thing. I’m also asking that […]

  • Brad’s first blog entry

    My first blog entry using iWeb, from Apple’s iLife ‘06 suite. I’ve made a few attempts at blogs before, but they’ve usually been rarely updated. This is also my first web page made on a Macintosh in seven years, since I originally created my website (which is now on a Power Macintosh 6100/66. Since […]