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  • Goodbye Bell

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Bell Canada has a long history of dominance in telecommunications, […]

  • Truth

    Truth, like a modest little flower in the wilderness of life, is surrounded and almost choked by the luxuriant growth of the weeds of error. If you would find it you must be ever on the lookout. If you would see its beauty you must brush aside the weeds of error and the brambles of […]

  • The Red Box has arrived.

    Parallels has released an amazing update to their virtual machine software ‘Parallels Workstation for Mac’. To me, the single most notable new feature is called ‘Coherency’, which causes Windows applications to run right alongside Macintosh programs in windowed mode. No more dedicated desktop window for the Windows OS. This mirrors the functionality of Classic, a […]

  • MOTORAZR v3c and the Mac – Adding ringtones

    I hate ringtones. Sing-song sounds coming out of people’s pockets is not my idea of amusement – a phone ringing is jarring enough, but it’s magnified a thousand-fold when one is forced to listen to 45 seconds of sprightly latino music blaring as loud as a little 1″ speaker can possibly blast it before the […]

  • Proper H.264 Encoding

    Hopefully people will glom onto this information, as it’s sorely lacking. Here’s the upshot – DiVX and XViD are dead. H.264, more commonly known as MPEG-4/AVC is the new champion of compressed video. And yet, most media files are still released using DiVX and XViD, chiefly because people are not totally familiar with how to […]

  • Slam-dunk for Linux – a review of Fedora Core 6

    Microsoft’s next-generation Vista promises to deliver radically improved graphics for end-users, promising 3D-accelerated user interfaces and special effects that will dramatically improve the way a user relates to the computing experience, similar to what current owners of Apple Macintosh systems enjoy. Meanwhile on the Linux front, Red Hat and Novell have been spearheading the development […]


    I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to easily set up Evolution 2.8 with an Exchange 2003 account with its associated version of Evolution Connector. This marks the first time in seven months that a current version of Evolution has succeeded in working with Microsoft Exchange. If you’re a user of Evolution and you […]

  • What is happening to Gentoo Linux?

    Three, perhaps four years ago I began looking to replace FreeBSD with Gentoo Linux. The reason was simple. FreeBSD had become mired in politics, members of the core team were leaving, and their next major release was behind Linux 2.6 in functionality and performance. What was once an icon of stable and elegant operating system […]

  • Quick note to all you Gentoo folks..

    If you’re using phpSysInfo and finding it telling you to build PHP with the ‘xml’ module, add ‘expat’ to your USE flags. Fixes it right up.

  • Givin’ up was never in the master plan!

    Around the early to mid-nineties I had heard a song on the radio, and like many, it got stuck in my head. I began listening to specific stations because I knew they would play it at least once a day. Then, as quickly as it appeared on the air, it went away never to be […]