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  • Considering Windows Vista as a Media Center?

    Continuing my recent theme of examining the true value of a computer system by basing the evaluation on more than just price, here are a couple of great articles which outline the limitations imposed on something as trivial as audiovisual playback in Windows Vista. Both are based on information from Peter Gutmann, a security researcher […]

  • First time I’ve seen this question directly answered…

    11:30AM: Last question: “There has been a suggestion that Apple appeals to smaller elite than mass customer base. Is it your goal to overtake PC in marketshare?” Steve: “Our goal is to make the best personal computers in the world and make products we are proud to sell and recommend to our family and friends. […]

  • HOWTO: Rip DVD’s in MacOS X (Updated)

    This HOWTO has been updated and dramatically streamlined! It’s worth re-reviewing if you’ve read/implemented this method already. Keep in mind, this is for experts/enthusiasts and not those looking for a quick one-click solution. The quality of video and sound is, for the average viewer, highly subjective. When it comes to viewing a DVD though, one […]

  • The Myth of Insecurity

    Great article here covering the technology media’s discussion of security on the Mac. It’s long been a peeve of mine that people claim *nix and the Mac by extension are insecure because they’re not widely deployed (this ignores the majority deployment of Apache webservers on *nix based systems, which the article doesn’t cover). The fact […]

  • How to Install Safari 3 beta without replacing Safari 2

    I derived the following from the method Michel Fortin uses to create standalone copies of older Safari versions. Right click the .pkg file for Safari 3 and ‘show package contents’, and unpack Archive.pax.gz. navigate into the new Archive folder. Take out of Archive/Applications and place it somewhere. Grab all frameworks from Archive/System/Library/Frameworks/ and place […]

  • More fun with zealots

    It’s common knowledge that Mac users promote their OS of choice with particular fervence, but this is easily dwarfed by the zeal shown by Linux users. This is particularly evident when Linux and Mac people end up coming into some kind of contact. One of the key differences between the two types of users is […]

  • Configuring a Macintosh System for Triple-Boot

    This is documented in other places, but some of the information is distributed across two or more sites, including information explaining why things have to be done this way. This article strives to consolidate the information in a way that creates enhanced understanding of Intel’s EFI and its role in the boot process of Apple’s […]

  • Promoting awareness of Linux zealotry

    The other day I read a commentary from Linus Torvalds boldly claiming that Linux was the do-it-all desktop OS everyone is dreaming of. It went something like this: Nope, I don’t use either [Windows or Mac OS X]. OS X is kind of pointless (pretty much anything it has, Linux can do better) and Windows […]

  • Linux software RAID+LVM2 with root on RAID HOWTO

    Note: This information is geared toward advanced users. Don’t try this at home. This weekend it was time to perform some maintenance on my main server. Its single IDE hard drive had developed the metallic whine indicative of bearing failure, and the power supply began the constant whistling telling the world that it was doomed. […]

  • On the problems with Apple TV

    Another great article from Fortune magazine – it outlines issues people are experiencing with the Apple TV. Apple TV could have been much more than it is, but it has glaring problems and omissions which just make it unusable as part of an entertainment system. This article went so far as to point out some […]