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  • Server Moved.

    I’ve moved into colocation. Until now the server had been operating on various types of local business class connectivity, providing limited bandwidth capacity. This quickly proved inadequate and went unresolved for a long time, so I’m glad to say the server is finally where it belongs, on 100mbps fiber. Hosted users are being moved one at a time, so your virtual host may still seem slow for a while. Not to worry – once these are all moved, they’ll be faster than ever. This will provide some good opportunities for the community of users surrounding this server, and I hope to see some good growth come from it. Thanks go to everyone who’s supported in the past, present, and future. May there be plenty more to come.

  • Safari blowhard switches to Firefox 3, film at 11

    After ages of preferring Safari I think I’ve just convinced myself to switch to Firefox 3. I’ve added a few extensions to make it work pretty nicely the way I like, and fill in some features it’s missing (and some that Safari itself doesn’t have): FoxMarks, so I can sync my bookmarks on all machines […]

  • Quit blocking Google Analytics.

    I’ve noticed a trend, particularly among Mozilla Firefox users who have the NoScript extension installed, to block Google Analytics from running. This isn’t Google spyware…

  • MAC fun

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    MAC fun

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  • Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server – A 3 Part Series – 2 of 3 – Zimbra Collaboration Suite

    For a long time, Zimbra has been an ‘almost but not quite’ Exchange alternative – it offered the web GUI and the Outlook compatibility, but not the standards based calendar protocol (CalDAV) or the mobile device support of its big brother. Zimbra’s latest version, which has only been in the wild for a few months, is different.

  • Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server – A 3 Part Series – 1 of 3

    Part 1 of 3: Workgroup/Corporate Collaboration – The Phantom Menace For years, workgroups and corporate environments have needed a solution that combined a mailsystem with collaborative tools, like a calendar and shared contacts. For years, this solution was only provided by Microsoft in the form of Microsoft Exchange. For years, Microsoft Exchange was bar-none the […]

  • Getting poor call reception on your iPhone 3G? Turn off 3G.

    Here’s a good tip for you iPhone 3G users: 3G network coverage in many parts of North America is quite poor, even though coverage maps may indicate otherwise. While 3G is the big hype, especially since the release of Apple’s 3G handset came out, its deployment in the New World (and even some parts of […]

  • WordPress for iPhone

    This is my first post from the iPhone. It’s been a long time in coming, and there have been several hangups. The 2.0 iPhone firmware presented me with the App Store, and the WordPress iPhone app appeared shortly afterward. Thing is, the app crashes repeatedly when I enter my login info. Once I’ve figured out […]

  • Safari/MacOS X are not crippling the performance of other browsers.

    Much to-do has been made over the past week regarding Apple’s Safari web browser using “secret” undocumented code to make it run faster than competing web browsers. It’s important to note that this was simply an overreaction on the part of a Mozilla developer which became a shot heard around the world. An important comment […]