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  • MacOS X: How to convert a number of Pages documents to Word format

    Ran into this a couple of weeks ago. If you have someone who ran Pages and needs to convert their library of documents to Word format, do the following. This requires iWork ’09. Open script editor and paste in the script listed below. Save this script as an application Drag all your Pages documents on […]

  • How-to make Windows Explorer open My Computer in Windows 7 instead of Libraries

    A minor annoyance of mine is the fact that, when you pin Windows Explorer to the taskbar in Windows 7 (Windows 7 ships this way), clicking the icon takes you to the ‘libraries’ location. Myself, I’d prefer that it go either to my Documents folder or the ‘My Computer’ location, and here’s how to accomplish […]

  • Fun with VPS’s – brad-x moves into the cloud

    In an effort to do some finance management I’ve switched from a dedicated server at $132/month USD to a VPS hosted by Burst.NET for the eminently reasonable sum of $10/month. For this price I get 50GB of disk space, 1GB of RAM and 1.5GHz of allocated CPU clock – more than I’ll need! I’m also working […]

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  • A Free Virtualization Odyssey, part 1: Proxmox VE

    I’ve long been a skeptic about VMware’s enterprise level pricing, and with good reason. I’ve heard it said that it’s often more cost effective to take all your existing servers and plate them in gold, even after one takes into account the ‘cost and power savings in the long-run’ – there are always incidental needs […]

  • Google’s Chrome OS is a bad idea.

    Google today announced Chrome OS, a Linux based operating system that will boot in seconds and feature the web as its primary application platform (presumably its only platform). This goes further to Google’s plan to ultimately eliminate the power and flexibility of the desktop computer. As application software is delivered from the web, the end-user’s […]

  • The HTML 5 <video> tag and H.264

    The new HTML5 standard’s most prominently mentioned new feature is undoubtedly the video tag – this tag enables all compliant browsers to play video embedded in a site with no additional plugins The only problem? The organizations responsible for choosing a video format are undecided. In one corner is H.264, used everywhere from Blu-Ray disc […]

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  • Haven’t found this in high quality elsewhere…

    This was featured on major news sites some time back and linked to YouTube – unfortunately the YouTube version has mono sound. I had a hard time finding a combination of relatively high quality video and stereo sound for this. Best I could get was the video from YouTube and the stereo track from DailyMotion […]

  • Practically Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server – A 3 Part Series – 3 of 3 – Kerio Mailserver

    Kerio MailServer 6.5 – The Exchange Killer Kerio MailServer, like Zimbra, has until only recently been an ‘almost but not quite’ Exchange alternative. It has offered Outlook support and integration with Active Directory since 2002, but did not initially support groupware features such as calendaring and shared contacts properly until years later. It wasn’t until 2007 that Kerio began to coalesce into an alternative to Exchange — and with the release of Kerio MailServer 6.5, its transformation into an Exchange killer is complete.