With over 1 million users and 30PB synced, BitTorrent speeds up Sync, adds iPad support, and debuts an API | TheNextWeb

Back in April, BitTorrent launched its open alpha, after a select 20,000 users managed to sync over 200TB worth of files. When the public beta arrived in July, users had synced 8 petabytes of data using the tool.

This truly is a testament to the gullibility of users. This software hasn’t been vetted at all. “It’s decentralized and keeps your data private, we swear” is all the assurance you get. For over a million people to have bought that line hook line and sinker is really sad.

Don’t trust software that claims to protect your privacy unless it was developed publicly.

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  1. Moreover, don’t implicitly trust openly developed software either, unless it has been audited by a security professional.

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