European Telcos Feebly Try to Justify ITU Cash Grab | DSLReports

I’ve noted that while a lot of the talk of the UN “taking over the Internet” is American business interest hyperbole, international telcos have been using the upcoming talks about Internet governance to push the international telco dream of forcing content companies to subsidize network builds. It’s a cash grab by government-pampered monopolists, plain and simple.

Right now a secretive organization is meeting in private to make this and other decisions that could have a disastrous impact on the economic potential of the Internet and your freedom to use it.

Arab nations are pushing for regulation against blasphemy. To them, everything is blasphemy.

Though the United States has vowed to vigorously oppose regulation affecting freedoms, they do not have a vested interest in protecting all Internet freedom. Thus, they will have to abide by whatever is decided. All governments will.

Google is operating a site intended to educate people and call for them to speak up about this outrage. They have it here:

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