Rob Ford: Too stubborn to be mayor | The Globe and Mail

“If Mr. Ford had shown some contrition before the the judge – some minimal respect for due process and the law – he might well have gotten off. But he did not. The judge, by all accounts a man of probity, was scathing and blunt. He condemned the mayor’s “stubborn sense of entitlement,” and he was exactly right. Mr. Ford’s serial abuses of power were trivial, but they were also relentless and profoundly stupid.”

I find it hard to disagree with this opinion piece. Rob Ford had good ideas, such as the long term plan to expand the subway, and bicyclists really are an unwelcome, reckless and arrogant presence in the downtown core. One need only be a pedestrian or driver for a brief period of time to know this to be true.

The author is also correct in pointing out that the alternative candidates, both at the time of Ford’s election and in the present day, are not attractive. I’m personally of the opinion that anyone who feels the need to gain political power is a sociopath and thus a bad person, making the decision on whom to vote for even more difficult.

But I don’t think Ford took the job seriously in the slightest. Commandeering two buses (the second because the first one wasn’t timely) after dumping their passengers on the sidewalk is a signature of his overbearing personality. It’s difficult to bear having a city run by a cartoon character.

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