Getting poor call reception on your iPhone 3G? Turn off 3G.

Here’s a good tip for you iPhone 3G users: 3G network coverage in many parts of North America is quite poor, even though coverage maps may indicate otherwise. While 3G is the big hype, especially since the release of Apple’s 3G handset came out, its deployment in the New World (and even some parts of Europe) isn’t sufficient to support largescale use of network intensive devices like the iPhone.

So: If you’re finding really poor call quality, dropped calls and generally poor data performance on your iPhone 3G, go into Settings > General > Network and turn off 3G Networking. You may be surprised to see your bars jump up and your call quality increase.

3G may be a big deal someday in parts of the world other than Japan and California. But not today.


3 responses to “Getting poor call reception on your iPhone 3G? Turn off 3G.”

  1. No 3g at work or home despite AT&T’s map. Do you smell class action lawsuit?

    Even when I walk around on the street, there is none.

  2. Class action lawsuit? people like you make me sick. Always looking for a loophole to screw someone over. “STEVE SAID I CAN GET FASTER SPEEDS… I’M GONNA SUE!” Go buy a Motorola razr and leave real phones to the big boys. You obviously can’t handle it. Liberal wackjob!