How to Install Safari 3 beta without replacing Safari 2

I derived the following from the method Michel Fortin uses to create standalone copies of older Safari versions.

  1. Right click the .pkg file for Safari 3 and ‘show package contents’, and unpack Archive.pax.gz.
  2. navigate into the new Archive folder. Take out of Archive/Applications and place it somewhere.
  3. Grab all frameworks from Archive/System/Library/Frameworks/ and place them inside itself (via show package contents) – create a folder here called ‘Frameworks’

    ( Explains some of the details from here on out)

  4. Then use the following script – this is an extract from WebKit CVS which sets the Framework path to the location of the Application bundle itself rather than looking systemwide. Rename to TrueSafari and place this script in that location.
  5. Make a backup of the in /Applications
  6. Move your new to /Applications

This also has the benefit of using the release version of the webkit framework, not the current nightly version, which can cause crashes. As mentioned, you can now use normally, without having to bother with or do without Safari RSS feed URL handling.