Windows Mobile and the Mac – how to sync calendar and contacts.

Got a Windows Mobile device recently, the HTC P4000 “Titan”. Nice little device that lets me do a lot of Internet related activity (oh and also it’s a phone). I was going to do a writeup on this but someone went ahead and did it for me already – with the added bonus that they’re using a free service through which to sync, rather than running their own Exchange server. Good find!

So, without further ado, if you’d like to easily sync your calendar and contacts with your Windows Mobile device and you’re a Mac (or even Linux) user, check this out:

This is a good method because as he mentions, Entourage injects the Exchange data into Apple Sync Services, so you can then deal with the information in your Apple iApps rather than having to rely on third party software.

Keep in mind also, you don’t have to use the mail2web e-mail address on your Windows Mobile device if you don’t want to. I’m using ActiveSync to synchronize my calendar and contacts to Exchange, but my device is pulling e-mail from my Linux-based IMAP server.

Yes, I know. iPhone is coming soon. I won’t be getting one, but it’s not because I don’t absolutely love the thing or want Apple to kick ass with it. More on that later.