I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to easily set up Evolution 2.8 with an Exchange 2003 account with its associated version of Evolution Connector.

This marks the first time in seven months that a current version of Evolution has succeeded in working with Microsoft Exchange. If you’re a user of Evolution and you require Exchange compatibility, here’s some advice:

  • Stick with a compatible version at all cost. DO NOT UPGRADE. Compatible versions are:
    • Evolution 2.2
    • Evolution 2.4.2
    • Evolution 2.8
  • Always test new versions of Evolution (typically shipped with updated versions of the distribution you’re using, if you’re using Fedora Core, Ubuntu or SUSE) on a spare machine before adopting them. If you’re short on spare machines, look into testing with VMware.

And some advice for Novell and the rest of the Evolution Connector team:

  • Take some pride in your work. Be proactive in investigating glaringly obvious faults in your software, especially when it’s reported to you numerous times. It’s a Microsoft world out there, and it’s been a cold 7 months without Exchange connectivity.

And to all those responsible for rolling a functional Evolution Exchange connector, thanks for all your hard work! It’s so very much appreciated.


  1. I have no problems with dapper which has Evolution 2.6. When I tested 2.8 I had glaring issues with edgy and public folders. I have held off upgrading because of it. Add 2.6 to your list, works like a champ

  2. I’ve heard of 2.6 working, but it’s been touch and go unfortunately – while Ubuntu has had functional exchange support and various patches have been passed around fixing the issue for 2.6, distribution adoption doesn’t seem to be complete, and upstream doesn’t seem to have clarified the issue to the point where it was adopted.

  3. With 2.6, you need 2.6.3 for Exchange to work properly. 2.6.0 through 2.6.2 had several issues that caused it not to work.