Givin’ up was never in the master plan!

Around the early to mid-nineties I had heard a song on the radio, and like many, it got stuck in my head. I began listening to specific stations because I knew they would play it at least once a day. Then, as quickly as it appeared on the air, it went away never to be heard again.

I spent a great deal of time combing through record stores and search engines trying to find this song. The name and lyrics are as follows:

Realworld – Throwin’ it all away

Well if the sky could paint a picture
and the sea could tell a tale
if the hills rose up around you
will that be enough to make you understand
that giving up will only make a lonely man

well if the sky came down to meet you
and the sea came to your door
well if the wind whispered in your ear
would that be enough to make you understand
that giving up was never in the master plan

well she loves him
and he loves her too
they don’t understand
what love can do
it’s the greatest gift of all
and the boy’s gonna throw it all away

well the sky ran out of paper
and the sea can’t find the words
well the wind has been distracted
left you all alone
what can you do?
you know you were meant for her
and she was meant for you

well if the world stopped turning circles
and the stars fell to the ground
well if the river ran away
would you follow it wherever it may lead you
if it’s really not
you’ll know just what to do

well he loves her
and she loves him too
they don’t understand
what love can do
it’s the greatest gift of all
and the girl’s gonna throw it all away

And people will tell you
you got to throw it all away
but you’ve got to see that there could
be a love so strong
you’d never have to find your way home

well he needs her
and she needs him too
they don’t understand
what love can do
it’s the greatest gift of all

don’t throw it all away
throwing it all away
throwing it all away
throwing it all away
throwing it all away

Much searching led me at first to Gordie Sampson, who currently has some songs on the radio, and he was a member of the band. Still, searching would turn up nothing for the band or song title except for songs by Genesis or Matchbox 20 due to their popular song titles of the same name. Sigh.

At long last Wikipedia provided clues that led to Jamie Foulds, another member of the band, and finally googling led me to Jamie’s new recording studio. I got in touch with him via e-mail and found out the CD was out of print, but he was kind enough to send me the song anyway.

Nearly 10 years of searching for a song and finally the Internet gives up enough secret knowledge to lead me to it. Very impressive!

Once again, thanks to Jamie Foulds of SoundPark Studios for taking the time out of his busy schedule to fulfill a fan request. Much appreciated!

10 responses to “Givin’ up was never in the master plan!”

  1. I’ve been searching for the artist/title of that song since the early-mid 90’s. I’ve called radio stations, scoured the internet, sang the chorus to anyone who would listen, made an MP3 and posted it on a BBS which was later played on a SoCal radio station…NO ONE has ever been able to tell me the artist/title of this song.

    Thank you! THANK YOU! I can finally rest.

    Is it at all possible to get a copy of this song? Would Jamie Foulds be pissed to get another request? This song has been my white whale for 10 years or more.

    Thanks again,


  2. Love love love that song. I was trying to think of old songs to find on itune and remembered this one, couldn’t remember the name, had to get out an old tape a find it. So I have it on a cassette tape that I recorded from radio about 10 years ago.

  3. Like some other comments, I had recorded it off a Canadian radio station more than a decade ago and have been searching ever since. About a week ago, I discovered Yahoo’s “Ask” function and went to “Ask” in Canada and within an hour, I had two answers, one for this song, one for Toronto’s “Silver Screen.” If ever you have another question, go to “Ask”! Hopefully, one day I will have a copy of this Realworld song for my very own!

  4. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been searching for this forever.

    I’ve emailed Jamie. Hope he doesn’t mind supplying me the MP3. He should totally put that on iTunes. It was a great, and popular song. I’m sure he’d sell at least a couple hundred copies.

    Thanks again.


  5. Fascinating. The gist of this song came up in a conversation I was having with an acquaintance the other day. We were talking about marriages and people “giving up” and I referred to this song and its message.

    I first heard the song while in Edmonton about 15 years ago or so. Heard it a few times but only there. I thought the tune, lyrics, message, music, etc. were all great – one of those fringe pieces that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere but stands alone as a great song and stays relevant, to at least a few people.

    Had the same problem trying to trace it down and as time went by, it faded in my memory. Then one day, browsing through a bin of “deletes”, there it was, the cd. I could hardly believe it, checked for the Throwin’ it All Away cut and sure enough there it was. Needless to say, bought it (for $5.99) and still have it.

    Envious anyone?

  6. wow…like you, I’ve been searching for this song on and off for years. And finally, a result — THANK-YOU! Like Jerry, I also heard it in Edmonton where I live. Weird.

  7. I`ve been looking for this song and Google threw me to your page. It`s somewhat great to see that other people are trying to find this old beauty. Please, do post if you get new info.