Tom Yager is a jackass.

Reading OSnews is an amusing pastime for me. It’s replete with comedic gems like this one:

Why Apple snubs its open source geeks

For over a month the claim has been made that MacOS X is now a proprietary operating system when it was once an open-source panacea, and many in the open source world have rattled their sabers and had a lot to say about how evil and draconian Apple is for having done so. Apple is stifling innovation! Driving away its developer base! EEEEEEVIL!

One problem: They’re all wrong.

Apple’s product manager for open source software has publically replied almost one month ago that this is _not_ the case. Apple has not closed the source to the kernel for Intel based Macs, it simply hasn’t opened the repository to the public yet. This is a giant distinction, and it should have immediately crushed all the conspiracy theorism surrounding the issue.

Another important thing to keep in mind: MacOS X has never been an open-source operating system. Only non-proprietary, already well-known and used portions of the operating system have been open sourced. Apple makes money by keeping the good parts of MacOS X (like QuickTime, Quartz and other key frameworks and API’s) to itself, and that has been and will be the case for a long time.

But, inexplicably, people like Tom Yager insist on continuing to moan about it. For this, he spent all those years in school?

4 responses to “Tom Yager is a jackass.”

  1. It is shocking the number of journalists reporting on things they do not understand or wish to understand – if he would at least look at Apple’s page he would understand what is happening. Even more disturbing is the fact that these people get to keep their jobs..

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