Running Windows on a Mac the right way

I came across this forum thread in my daily browsing; it details an effort under way to enable virtualization in the open source Qemu emulator using MacOS X as the host operating system.

What does this mean? Instead of having to dual boot, this will allow Windows and other Intel based operating systems to run at nearly native speeds within MacOS X itself. This is especially useful for those who still need Windows for those one or two oddball applications they may need to use at work (IT departments are famous for cooking up their own little proprietary things) or in some other setting. I myself keep Virtual PC on my PowerBook in case I want to test out Windows networking while I’m on a service call.

But what about applications that require higher performance? A virtual machine won’t have the ability to run in accelerated graphics mode, which means no 3D gaming or other very high-performance time sensitive apps (3D acceleration may become possible in the future – it all depends on whether someone gets started on it). Like I said before, if you’re that into gaming and there’s no Mac version, buy or build a PC. It’s the simplest most practical solution.

If you’re doing other high-performance computing which requires Windows, well, why are you doing that? 😛